Driving Force

September, 2014

Every Mozillian that I have met are passionate about their work. There is no ‘I’ in the community. This sense of togetherness isn’t common in today’s selfish world. And to be part of this community makes me a proud Mozillian. I could have easily spent my 25-days break completing full seasons of TV series. Or, if I wanted to be productive.. work on a hobby project. Both of them sounded fun as per my liking. However, that’s not what Mozillians do. A Mozillian would spend their free time taking actions to build communities. A Mozillian would work to make the web free and open. A Mozillian would create a movement. That’s what I wanted to do too. I wanted to inspire thousands of Mozillians to push themselves in making them their dream, a reality. That’s the reason I set out on this incredible journey to travel around the United States to spread the love about Mozilla and the Open Web.

Because driving 13,000 miles in 25 days is not an easy task. The body and mind could take so much. It takes discipline and motivation throughout the journey. There were times when I questioned my decision and why I was doing there in the first place. There were times where I wanted to chicken out half-way through thinking people will forget about my commitments. However, when you are on a journey which carried such a powerful message, that itself becomes your driving force. When you truly believe in a cause, your physical body will somehow find a way to make it happen and keep you moving forward.