On Inspiration

April, 2018

People have asked me a countless number of times why I moved back. I have been pondering over this for some time. For the last few weeks, I have been looking for my “inspiration”.

We find inspiration in unknown places. Places which, by nature, engulf your existence and take you to a land of discovery. The discovery isn’t through the act of finding the meaning though, but by traveling through the journey. The journey might not have checkpoints nor cheerleaders, but characters who went through their paths to connect the dots going backward. Last few weeks, these characters have been my imaginary friends from books on history and biography.

As life takes you through your journey, you might get caught into its net. It is essential to pause and take a hard look at your goals, and where you want to be. I did that when I was in the US. My vision didn’t match my actions. I needed a hard reset, a break to reflect and rediscover myself.

Our time is shorter, shorter than the time it takes to finish a coffee. When your focus is to simply wake up and go to work, then you get distracted and lose your trail. It is important to recognize that. It is important to make life more meaningful, purposeful & creative.

Another question that I constantly ask myself is: Does this make me happy? Does it fulfill me? If the answer isn’t Hell Yes, it is time to take concrete actions to get back to my happiness trail.