रचनाहरु (Rachanaharu)

March, 2019

Yesterday, Princi and I launched a curated list of Nepali local brands and products. We called it रचनाहरु, which means creations in Nepali. (रचना means creation, adding हरु makes it plural) [The credit for the name goes to Princi.]

It makes me happy to see the recent boom in micro-entrepreneurs in Nepal. Nepali products have set a decent footprint in the market along with the international brands. I’m not against the foreign brands, but the fact that people are taking risks to start ventures from this small Himalayan country makes me proud [David Vs Goliath]. It is also a sign that the market is stabler* than the last two decades (People’s Movement & incompetence of the politicians and lawmakers to write the constitution).

This rapid growth made it difficult to follow the brands & local products. Few popped up in social media or youtube videos or in interviews, but in general, it wasn’t easy to discover creative local products. And we love to find amazing home-grown products. That is the reason we started रचनाहरु. Our vision is to make रचनाहरु the biggest volunteer-driven curated list of Nepali products and brands. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I’m pretty excited about it.

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