Writing more or less

April, 2018

My virtual mentors for writing are Tim Urban and Derek Sivers. These two incredible human beings have a completely different writing styles. Tim writes long articles narrating as the first person and every nooks and corner of the subject. Derek writes short, crisp and valuable life lessons. My favorites are this, this, this and this.

Inspired by them, I tried writing a couple of drafts for #abakgarne. But it turned out horrible and, most importantly, didn’t capture my intention nor thought. It felt forced, and I had to scratch my head to write them.

As I go through my journey, I want to make the process fun for me and for everyone. I constantly ask myself what this publication should represent. The short answer is that I still don’t know. But, I’m sure that we are going to find out.

I want to make the journey fun and enlightening. And if there is a way you want to be part of this, please say hi! I’m always looking to meet people to listen to their crazy ideas.